Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Well, Finally!

This morning, three days after the earthquake, president George Bush has made a public statement:

- President Bush said Wednesday the United States, India, Australia and Japan have formed an international coalition to coordinate worldwide relief and reconstruction efforts for the Asian region ravaged by a deadly earthquake and tsunamis.
"We will stand with them as they start to rebuild their communities," Bush said from his Texas ranch in his first comments on the disaster Sunday that so far has killed more than 67,000.
Bush pledged a multifaceted response from the United States that goes far beyond the $35 million initially pledged, including U.S. military manpower and damage surveillance teams in the short term and long-term rebuilding assistance. He also called on Americans to donate cash to relief organizations to augment the response.
"This has been a terrible disaster. It is beyond our comprehension," the president said.

Except that he shouldn't have stayed at the ranch. Where are his minders?