Saturday, June 01, 2019

And Mueller Spoke

The other day.  He gave a short summary of the findings discussed in much more detail in the report his team wrote.*  There was nothing new in his spoken report, just a repetition of that weird exercise which sounds like something from an elementary logic class:

If Mueller's team had been able to prove that Trump was innocent of obstruction of justice, they would have said so.  But they didn't say so.  And therefore?

I haven't been able to decide if such an odd phrasing seemed necessary for some weird legal reasons or if Mueller tried to minimize the number of people who got it that Trump is clearly guilty as hell of obstruction of justice.   After all, whatever the rectitude of the guy, he is a Republican.

* My take on the two parts of the report can be read here and here.

Thank you

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Fifth and Final Fundraising Post, 2019. On Fifteen Years of Blogging.

This is my final fundraising post!  You can donate all through the year, of course, but this would be a great time to do so and then you wouldn't have to feel that gnawing guilt about the poor, feeble and frail Echidne typing away in eternal snow while clad in rags and surviving on potato peelings.

For extra incentive, add to these comments any topics you would dearly want me to address in the near future, and I promise to give them serious consideration.

Then to this post.  It's grumpy and gloomy, sorry.  (Must be how weak I am from hunger that makes my humorous vein dry out...)

You've Come A Long Way, Baby