Sunday, December 26, 2004

Some Bad Poetry for Today

There's always a need for bad poetry. Here's some for today. It should make you happy, because you can do better!

These days are sweet,
sugar govers the ground
between Christmas and New Year.

I have found
my childhood again. I'd like you to meet
her. She is brown
like toffee.

Her dress is red
and her shoes are black leather.
She looks ill-fed.
Her hair tastes like heather and peat.

She still sucks the corners of the sheet
at night
and counts the times the lights
of passing cars meet
the bedroom wall.

Her fingers are small
her nails are bitten.
She finds living hard
but has not yet written
of her anguish to God.

I must be good to her, and giving
this holiday season.
I have a reason
for forgiving

Terrible, heh! But the intention was good.