Sunday, December 26, 2004

And Even More Bad Poetry

Warning! This is quite angry and biased and don't read it if you are a nice man who never does horrible things. And my apologies, but when I wrote this someone had just shitted on my divine tresses.

A token woman is erected to be demolished.
She must be like an apple, smooth and polished,
but with an inner blemish, a lack
of masculinity that will hold her back.

She must be chosen so that she seems favored
over other women, to be savored
in all-male company as something rather neat;
like a dog that dances on its hind feet.

She must be made to understand that she
is not a member of the brotherhood.
She might be suffered but not made free
to belong. She must be always good

And quiet. And keep to her appointed place.
This makes it clear to all the rest
that the men showed willingness and grace
to admit her. But alas,
they found her second-best.