Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Busy Bee...

Our president, that is. He's busy monitoring the earthquake damage from his Texas ranch:

Besides monitoring the devastating earthquake in Southeast Asia, President Bush is biking and strolling around his ranch here and pondering tax reform and other goals in his second term.
"He's clearing some brush this morning," deputy White House press secretary Trent Duffy said Tuesday, adding that the president and first lady also planned to host friends at the ranch.
"He's doing some biking and exercising as he normally does, taking walks with the first lady, and thinking about what he wants to accomplish in the second term."

There is something wrong with George Bush's social intelligence. Doesn't he realize that we are right now living through the effects of the most destructive tsunamis ever recorded? Those that still are living, of course. Even if he couldn't care less, it would be seemly for him to turn up and give a speech in the name of compassionate conservatism. Or are we being given a practical lesson on compassionate conservatism right now?