Monday, December 27, 2004

Today's Action Alert

(These alerts are a shared venture organized by several blogs. The idea is to create a counterweight to the wingnut campaigns in the media. When you see something that you can do, act! Thanks.)

Today's action: Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Explain that, especially during a time of war, it is shockingly inappropriate for Bush to spend $44 million on inaugural festivities. That money would be much better spent on armor for our troops and/or relief for the victims of the earthquake/tsunami. Instead of elaborate parties, Bush should simply take the oath of office and go to work on fixing our country's problems. Pictures of wealthy donors climbing out of limos in tuxedos and cowboy boots are inappropriate when our troops are dying and suffering terrible injuries from lack of armor and when the U.S. is unable to give necessary aid to victims of the earthquake/tsunami due to Bush's deficit.
Bush will go ahead with his inaugural plans no matter what, but turning them into a negative for him rather than a plus shouldn't be too difficult if the blogsphere works together.
Thanks for taking today's action.