Sunday, December 26, 2004


According to Salon, this is what Planned Parenthood does to get more donations:

Several Planned Parenthood locations across the country have hit upon a clever way to profit from the throngs of protesters who picket abortion clinics -- a fundraising drive in which the clinic receives a donation for each picketer who shows up. Under the Pledge-a-Picket program, as described in in the Planned Parenthood newsletter, supporters pledge small amounts -- a quarter to a dollar -- per anti-choice protester. "It's like sponsoring a runner in a charity marathon," the newsletter says. Despite the small pledges, the money adds up for the clinics because "the picketers never go away."

The Waco, Texas clinic of Planned Parenthood has collected $18,000 this way. The money has been used to help low-income women.

This is similar to what I do on an almost daily basis. Whenever I read or hear or see something that makes me angry, the opposite camp gets a ten dollar donation from me. Then I feel all calm and happy again. Or if I don't, I come here and rave about the cause some more. That usually does the trick.