Sunday, December 26, 2004

On Boxing Day

If you're lucky, it's Boxing Day or St. Stephen's Day. If you're not lucky it's just an ordinary Sunday, though this year you could sleep in anyway. All holidays should be several days long, because those who cooked and cleaned and wrapped like mad also need a rest.

So what did you get as a present? Anything good? I got another Swiss knife, I have a large collection of them in case I ever get stuck on a deserted island with nothing but lots of canned goods for company. I also got chocolate but that is just a memory by now.

This is a rehearsal post, to get me into the groove again. I have reread all my Moomintroll books so the first real posts will probably be on the great truths that are found in children's books. Then some wingnut bashing, and for dessert something about feminism. Sounds like a menu, doesn't it? But I might stretch it over a few days unless something in the news gets my dander up. That happens a lot these days.

It's snowing outside. So beautiful, and I need to go and make some snow Echidnes first!