Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas Again, This Time from Me!

I wish you all (who celebrate it) a very happy Christmas! May you not have tummy aches from overeating, may your not-so-nice relatives all stay away, and may you have exactly what you wanted from Santa Claus/Father Christmas!

For those of you who are not celebrating Christmas, may you see the most interesting movie ever, and may your Chinese meal be really delicious!

For any wingnuts, may you also have a wonderful Christmas, and may you wake up tomorrow all liberal and lefty! Just kidding.

I'm going to post about books and my gingerbread castle in the near future, but also about politics if required. My diet today consists solely of chocolate, so do forgive me if this makes no sense.

And a very warm and fuzzy hug from me and also a big sloppy kiss!
Take care, all of you.