Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Devil You Know?

How else to explain the re-selection of Bush, the president with the most awful ratings at the beginning of a new term? Well, there is another way of explaining that one, but it takes me to the aluminum foil land.

Anyway, Bush is rated very low by respondents in a Washington Post-ABC News poll taken last week. More people disapprove of Bush overall than approve of his performance, and the disapproval percentace has risen three percent from late October. The majority dislikes Bush's attempt to destroy the healthy* and successful* Social Security program, the majority dislikes his performance on the economy, and the majority dislikes his health care policy.

Almost sixty percent of the respondents disapprove of the situation in Iraq. The only aspect of Georgie's performance that finds the majority approving is the war against terrorism.

All this leaves me scratching my divine tresses. How on earth did this guy get in again? What does it say about the country?

Well, they didn't ask about Bush's performance on the protection-of-Christmas issue, though that wasn't a campaign item on either side, and Bush just said "Happy Holidays!". So that can't be the answer.

I'm left with only two possibilities: either Kerry was so bad that the worst president ever seemed preferable to those who fear the sudden terrorist attack, or the election indeed was on theocracy in this country. Or, of course, the unmentionable might be whispered in a tin-foil lined room.
*These adjectives are part of the new progressive framing of the issue. From now on, always slip in "healthy" and "successful" when you talk about the Social Security issue.