Monday, December 20, 2004

A Comment to My Post

This is from the American Street where I blog on Saturdays. It's a comment to a post about how us liberals are wrecking Christmas:

Your bitterness and anger is not only consuming you but damaging many. Time to forgive all those people (your parents and authorities) you hate so much.

It could be a joke. Or it could be meant for one of the earlier comments on the same post. But I suspect that it's intended for me and not as a joke. I'm so proud!

Imagine me, the goddess who adores authority figures, writing so well that a reader gets completely taken for a ride! Yeah! That's me. I'm bubbling over with Christmas joy, and I want to have an intimate tete-a-tete with Santa Claus, another authority figure I love.

Though this could be just a very dense commenter... No, that's not possible. Only yesterday someone else thought that I belonged to the media and yelled at me to do SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE! So I'm getting to be really slick and smooth or otherwise deceptive; nobody notices that I'm a goddess so I can't possibly have parents or be a journalist.

But yes, I'm going to be very constructive: I'm working on a gigantic gingerbread castle for Christmas. I have the cardboard model all cut out.