Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Way To Pick Prezdents

You won't believe this, but the recommended way still is to try to find someone who is no smarter than you at all. A good way is to try to imagine whom you'd most like to have a beer with. In 2000 it was an ex-alcoholic, by the way. Or so we were told.

Now it's the guy who tells jokes about killing Iraqis Iranians with lung cancer. That would be McCain. His joke made the pundits tell us that this joking shows he's just a reg'lar guy, someone we would like to have at our dinner table. Aftah all, we all like to tell jokes about killing the people we were supposedly trying to liberate and all innocent people. Don't we?

Here's the interesting political discussion on McCain's joke about why the increased exports of American cigarettes to Iran are a good thing: Because it kills a lot of them:

Now of course it was a stupid joke. We all understand that. What I'm irked about is the idea that telling stupid jokes makes you a better candidate for prezdenting. Remember how it turned out last time?

I'd prefer a president who is loads smarter than me, someone I would hesitate to have a beer with in case I'd be so awe-struck that I spilled it all on that person's outfit or something. Being the president of the United States is a demanding job and not every Joe or Jane Schmoe should seem qualified for it.

McCain doesn't know how Social Security works, either, as shown in this clip:

If knowing nothing is the way to elect a good prezdent, get your rowing boats ready for a quick escape.
Added later: I got the country wrong at first. Thanks to swampcracker in the comments for pointing it out. Aren't you glad I'm not running for prezdent?