Tuesday, July 08, 2008

From the LOL Files

Katha Pollitt gave a fascinating interview in the In Depth series about writers on C-Span2 (You can see it at 9 am on July 12). You should watch it, especially the bit in the middle where she states that she reads this blog and calls me "wonderful"! Katha Pollitt is not only a fabulous writer and thinker; she also has excellent taste in her blog readership. Mmm.

Anyway, that's not the LOL part, though you may laugh at me if you wish. It's good for your spleen. What I found funny is that Rush Limbaugh actually noted the interview in his talk show:

POLLITT: The word "feminism" has been I think successfully demonized by the media. So that, for example, the word "feminazi" -- which was, I believe, a coinage of Rush Limbaugh; that distinguished sociologist and political theorist.

RUSH: Thank you.

POLLITT: I remember the first time I heard that word, I could not believe it. And yet that has become a standard of verbal, you know, locution that you hear all the time, used like it's a word. So I think the word... Many people are very afraid of the word.

RUSH: It's an accurate word. The reason it's become a word -- and it has become a word; it's in the dictionary now -- is because it's accurate, and I am a "noted sociologist and political theorist." I thank her for pointing that out.

I like the use of the term "accurate" there. What is the word "accurate" about?

Never mind. Last night I was thinking of a variant of this question:

Suppose that the apocalypse had taken place and that the only two survivors in the world were you and Rush Limbaugh. Would you cross the continent to find him?