Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogging While Naked

Playboy magazine is hoping to have some female bloggers pose for them:

Playboy has published profiles of nine women bloggers (loosely defined) - Xeni Jardin, Violet Blue, Julie Alexandria, Veronica Belmont, Amanda Congdon, Brigitte Dale, Sarah Lacy, Sarah Austin and Natali Del Conte - and asked readers to vote on which one is "sexiest." The winner will be asked to pose for Playboy.

Sarah Lacy, host of Yahoo's TechTicker, is described respectfully as a "curvy brunette." Lacy says that Playboy told her about the poll before it was published but said nothing about their plans to ask the winner to pose nude for the magazine. Lacy says if she wins she won't accept the offer to go nude.

The story doesn't tell us if all the nine bloggers were asked to participate, if they were informed about the possibility of naked posing and so on.

What I found really interesting were the comments to this story. It's always salutary to go and read what people truly think about such issues. I had fun making a short list of how to defend Playboy before I even started reading (We all know what Playboy does for business so big deal. Look, men like to look at women's tits so fuck you feminazis. Evolutionary psychology has made sex like this. Don't you have anything to write about that is really feminist and serious? Big deal; besides, my tits are bigger. Well, women have no brains so we might as well look at their asses.)

The number of quite feminist comments was a most pleasant surprise.