Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Do You Want From Santa?

Assuming that you believe in Santa, natch. What would you like to get for presents? Nothing noble allowed in this thread. Only silly things. But they can be nonmaterialistic silly things.

A confession: I think I would like to shift to January 2 in some painless and instantaneous way, because I don't want to clean or cook or wrap presents. I'm an Auntie Scrooge, though it wasn't always that way. But I've realized that Christmas is like dish-washing. You do it, and then you do it, again and again, and nobody gives you any credit for a successful job of organizing the parties and cooking the meals and buying the tubesocks in the parcels, but if you don't do it everybody notices. And calling the celebrations something different (say, Solstice) doesn't make any difference. O how Scroogey.