Tuesday, December 19, 2006

George Bush's Wars

There is the real war in Iraq and the fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan, though the latter has been put on a backburner, even though it's the more relevant one in the so-called war against terror. And there is naturally the very famous war against the concept "terror". Ironically, one of the defensive tactics in this war is making people scared. Of terror. Which intends to make people scared.

You've heard about those many times. What is a little less well known are the other Bush wars, some against particular groups, such as the poor, some over the ownership of valuable resources, such as women's wombs, and some against yet more concepts. The war against information belongs to that category. Slowly and silently, the administration has changed the availability of information on almost all topics it dislikes or doesn't want to support. This will have long-term consequences, especially in combination with the salting of the civil service with lots of wingnuts. Book burning in a modern form.