Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Pre-Christmas Week

I have all types of interesting political thoughts having parties in my head, but this doesn't seem to be the best of times writing them down, because many of you, my sweet and smart readers (plus a few assorted trolls), are too busy cooking and vacuuming and wrapping for political stuff. Or that is what I think. But instead of just thinking it, I decided to put it out here to be scanned quickly while someone is looking for women having sex with snakes and somehow gets on this blog. Or of course for those who read what I write, for some weird masochistic reason. Or not.

That is a terrible paragraph of crap. What am I trying to say here? That I'd like to know what to post on during the Christmas vacation. Would you like nice and comfy posts, mainly, or something totally different? Book reviews? Discussions on the mating habits of unusual animals? Gingerbread recipes? My feminist pet peeves? Nice anger? Love and kindness? Both?