Saturday, April 29, 2006

We Are Not Amused

Rasmussen Reports says so:

Saturday April 29, 2006--Public approval of President George W. Bush continues to decline. Today, for the third time in two weeks, the President's Job Approval Rating has fallen to the lowest level ever measured by Rasmussen Reports.

Just 37% of Americans now give the President their Approval, only 16% Strongly Approve. Even among Republicans, approval has tumbled and is currently measured at 66%. For most of his first term, Bush earned Approval Ratings in the high 80s from Republicans.

At the other end of the spectrum, 62% Disapprove including 45% who Strongly Disapprove. Those figures are also the bleakest for President Bush ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports.

Sixteen percent strongly approve of George! We are down to those who base their diet on the KoolAid.

I was reading Gore Vidal the other night, and he pointed out how unlikely the Founders thought that democracy would prevail in America. Some of them predicted a fairly rapid decline into dictatorship. Would two hundred years be a "rapid decline"? For our disapproval of the president makes no real difference in anything, and the votes are now counted by methods which are secret because of private property rights, and the goddess of justice has grown eyes in the back of her head, the side where the bribes are given, so that the blindfold no longer matters at all. And then there's "America's Idol" and gas prices and not much else. Democracy is so dependent on people taking notice and being active and all that sort of boring crap.