Monday, April 24, 2006

And Even More Flanagan

Should you not have had enough for lifelong immunity, you can watch her go on about her book in an interview with Colbert (via BitchPhd).

Imagine a black person doing an equivalent interview on how blacks had it so much better in the past. I bet you can't imagine it, and not only because patriarchy wasn't anywhere near as bad as slavery, at least for some women. It's also because there's apparently something silly in the idea of women's liberation. Very lucrative field, the feminist-bashing one.

And don't miss the bit where Flanagan tells us how she originally planned to call her book's subtitle something about feminists destroying a generation. We feminists are like giant termites, gnawing away, gnawing away, and before you know it: WHOOPS! The Western Civilization collapsed. Must go sharpen teeth.