Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Fun

Digby posted about this wingnut t-shirt humor some days ago. You can click on the image to make it bigger and hence more readable.

What's fun for wingnuts is to smack liberals around. But the Washington Post will not have a front page article on the wingnut anger. Nope, even though they just ran one on the liberal anger. The reason is that we lefties are expected to be calm and polite, whereas the conservatives are expected to be raving lunatics. Really. That's why they are more trusted on the question of national defense.

Note the term "bitchslap" in the shirt. This has gotten mileage on both sides of the blogosphere, as has the idea of calling certain types of politicans "bitches". Now, bitches are female dogs, and apparently something to despise. But the deeper point is that we have contempt towards "someone's bitches": women who are sexually subjugated. Which is very weird as this kind of a woman should be seen as the "good woman" in the wingnut world of macho gun-toting leader men.

I don't like the term "bitchslap", but I'm waging an unwinnable campaign here. At least it's applied to people of both sexes now.