Saturday, April 29, 2006

Outsourcing Blogging and Other Saturday Private Thoughts

I bought new jeans yesterday and lay down in the early evening, wondering if they were tight enough. Clearly, they are not, as I woke up this afternoon, still wearing them. Blogger fatigue. That's the new black.

If I outsourced this blog to India or some other country with similar cost of living, it would be possible to live on the donations, which would mean less fatigue. And whoever was doing the blogging would be interesting in having a different viewpoint. Of course, once the Big Telecommunication Boys have their will on us nobody can read blogs like mine anyway. The futility of it all. There is a beauty in that.

Henrietta the Hound is doing much better. She no longer makes a big nest of all the cushions on the guest bed (the only one she is allowed on), in order to stay there ALL THE TIME. She even likes going out now, and begging for food and being difficult. I'm so happy to see that. Her grief over Hank's death is subsiding a little, and she may have taught us all the way to cope with grief: make a nest and stay there for a while. My excess sleeping may be the human equivalent of that.

Today Henrietta got the dregs of some curry I bought in a large plastic container. She then walked around holding the container nonchalantly at the very edge of her mouth. I've never seen any other dog carry things the way Henrietta does. If you give her a dog biscuit, she carries it as if it is a cigar, so that the biscuit leads when she walks. If you give her something heavy, she carries it by the smallest shred in one corner of her mouth. I'm not sure what all this conveys but it's funny to watch. Every pet, of whatever breed, is also an individual, and they are all fun to meet. The individual pets, I mean.

In the political landscape, spring doesn't mean that bumblebees come alive inside the house and must be helped out into the wilderness, like in the Snakepit Inc.. Instead, the corrupt and the greedy seem to come alive, are spotted, and must be helped into courts. And then they get pardoned and go out in the wilderness, where they most likely will host wingnut talk shows. Not only Rush but all the other caught Republican conmen, I predict. One day in the future you may be able to hear Karl Rove's thoughts on radio!

That's today's thoughts, pretty much, given that I just woke up. I'm going to look for some garden pictures or dog pictures to post now.