Saturday, July 16, 2005


That I'm blogging on American Street today. This is a funny one even if I say so myself. Who else would say it?

I tried something new with the title. A rethinking of a word. This is always interesting, because we usually don't pay attention to familiar words. But paying attention can be strangely satisfying. Like in this case: re-minder tells us what we really do when we remind someone about something; we rewind the videos in their heads, we make them mind again. This way of looking at the word doesn't make me feel so annoyed. In the real world the word "reminder" is about things like forgotten dental appointments or deworming the cats or about promises one made in the first flush of feeling beneficient and which one would now love to forget.

Another interesting word to be dissected this way is "handsome": "hand" "some", please. Get it?