Thursday, July 14, 2005

Goddesses Have No Sense of Humor

I say it first so that nobody else needs to: I do understand what is supposed to be funny in what follows, but the unfunny bits swamp it totally. This is the Bud Light advertisement that didn't make me giggle:

Some men flip through a catalog looking for furniture
You look through a catalog looking for someone to clean the furniture

Background: *i don't do windows* (in vaguely stereotypical Asian accent)

Nothing says i will love you forever like a quick swipe of the credit card at the altar
Women wait their whole lives for a man to say "I do"
In your case "I do... agree to pay the sum of 3000 American dollars"
So crack open a bottle of Bud Light oh Catalog Casanova
Your spouse may be full price
But you'll always be our better half

It should have had a crack about how the Bud Light will come handy when the guy is digging the grave for this bride while waiting to order the next one. But I like the definition of marriage: someone to clean the furniture.

You can listen to the ad by going to, clicking on Men of Genius, then Radio Ads, and then Mr. Mail Order Bride Orderer.
Props to Allie