Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Echidne Blogging

Possibly me?

No embroidery blogging today; I can't find any pictures right now. And the dogs looked at me scornfully when I suggested they blog. Henrietta went back into the air-conditioned coolness of the living-room and Hank splayed her legs around the fan here. She looks very funny, with her pink belly sticking up in the air and her snout in reverse looking like the snout of a platypus. But she's very comfortable. Both dogs are still shedding like mad. They will be completely bald by the time we get snow again.

It has been quite a week in my private (=human) life. One of those weeks when Life looks at you and mutters:"Oh, I forgot about you.." and gives you a kick to the kidneys. Then, just to make sure, you get another one into the liver. And Life goes on.

But the nice thing about weeks like this is that the next one is bound to be better! Always look for the silver lining, I say, while chewing on some chocolate truffles.

The picture above was sent by one of my readers. Sadly, I didn't make a note of who it was but thank you very much in any case. Though I don't actually have six arms, I'm pretty good with the sword. Also with knives and sticks and baseball bats.

A nice hug and a bowl of ice-cream really works wonders in most of Life's troubled times. Well, as much as anything does. Try it first. If it fails you can then try the swords.