Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Few Blogs to Visit on Feminism

Amanda on Pandagon is always fun to read. She has written recently on beauty pageants, but this post on anti-abortion activists is the one I link to. You can then read the rest of Pandagon, Jesse too.

Ampersand is discussing hidden affirmative action for men in colleges. Quotas, really, but this time around we don't hear anything about Quota Kings. I wonder why.

Lauren at Feministe has an interesting post on naked women and what nudity means, and feministing.com is the place to go for hard-hitting news about misogyny and such.

Things like showing us that these t-shirts are available:

(The model is totally innocent here, by the way).

There are so many feminist blogs these days and I can't do all of them justice in one post. I will pick more blogs in the future, but you can go adventuring right today by going to these and then following their links to new heights of wonders in feminism.