Saturday, December 04, 2004

Strip Tease in Adult Education Courses

I'm more and more convinced that somehow I've slipped into an alternate reality, maybe two of them at the same time. For how can I otherwise explain Jerry Falwell (of the "I-blame-the-ACLU-and-feminists-for-9/11") being the host on Crossfire, some politician in the state of Alabama trying to ban all books that depict homosexuality from public libraries and then this bit of information from a brochure of adult education courses in my community:

This class is for women of all shapes and sizes who want to improve their body image and spice up their relationships. Learn how to move sensually to music while incorporating floor space, facial expressions, costumes, props and body language. Explore your body's natural groove and work it for maximum impact. Discover the finer points of a seductive striptease and revel in sharing your body by dancing for others.

Revel indeed. Maybe this is intended as a course for re-education for unemployed women? But how come men are not allowed to learn seductive striptease, too? Leaving the white terrycloth socks as the last item of clothing to be removed isn't exactly seductive.