Friday, December 03, 2004


I have it, despite being a goddess. I have it almost every November, and it doesn't matter how healthily I try to live. There is a congenital weakness in my family, having to do with very small sinus passages (and large brains!), and I'm one of the only ones who has not gone under the knife for this ailment. Instead, I stand on my head as it's the only comfortable position right now.
Hence the slowness in typing. I have to stand on one hand to type.
No, I'm kidding you. I type with my feet.

Anyway, this post stands in lieue of the doggie blogging that should have happened. Both dogs refuse. They've been wrestling each other all day long and don't want to type. It's bad for the beauty of their paws, Hank says. Smartass. It would serve them right if they lost all their readers as a consequence.

I just noticed that I've been promoted to a Large Mammal in the Ecosystem at the bottom of this blog, which is probably nice, except that the Ecosystem is sort of dead. So I'm a large dead mammal right now. Or a small dead goddess, take your pick.

This is a totally useless post so I'm signing off right now. Tomorrow there will be a deep and erudite post on the ownership society on the American Street and lots of equally impressive posts here. Have a good Friday night and don't do anything you might not regret when you're really old.