Sunday, November 28, 2004


Parties are fun, but it's very satisfying also to close the door after the last reveler and to collapse on the bed all alone! Though the Snakepit Inc. still looks like a pigsty (with apologies to pigs who are actually very clean animals) and there is absolutely no food left in the house and nary a bottle of nectar everybody had a wonderful time and I was the hostess with the mostest!

Even Athena let her shield down for an hour or two though I think I'd rather not have witnessed that one. And Ares! Ares is hot! And he's no longer into hot-headed rage and blood-letting! I'm not telling you what he might have taken up instead, but it's a lot more interesting.

Aphrodite was her usual self, of course, and Artful Asp tried to strangle her after the strip tease act with one of 'Dite's stockings. But that was really the only even slightly unpleasant moment in the whole party. We all said thanks for that and thanks for still existing and thanks for the few humans who are not bent on the wholesale destruction of the earth just so that they can park one more SUV or to build another temple or mosque on the spot where frogs used to chorus.

Cerberus came to see his poor old mom, and he showed us some glimpses of the future inhabitants of Hades. You'd be very pleased with the list of those who are going to end up in the eternally sizzling Crisco-pot! Cerberus is finally growing up and even his taste in music is improving. I must have done something right! And as every mother knows it's really hard to do something right, even when the child doesn't have a head cold in all the four heads at the same time.

Aphrodite took me shopping as usual (no, we didn't go to porn shops this time), and she gave me a pair of jeans as a thank-you present. She thinks that I should flaunt my butt more. Maybe she's right, but how does one sit in these tight jeans? Typing standing while being bent over like this is really uncomfortable.