Saturday, August 14, 2004

Saturday House Cleaning

This blog is giving me an identity crisis of a sort. Whenever I write about American politics in general my feminist angel or demon points out that it won't be of any feminist interest, and the reverse happens when I write about feminist developments. When I write about dog walking, all the rest of me gives a sermon about the triviality and triteness of such things.

But doing things differently smacks to me of work, and that takes the joy away from all writing which in turn makes the writing stiff and wooden (or more so than usually). So what to do? It would be great to be all organized and decisive, but then I also really want to write about the arts and literature, about kicking butt, about meditation practises, childrearing, how to shape a moustache,...
The only thing I'm not that keen to write about is economics, probably because I actually know something about it.

Having this blog go all over the place can't be good for my market share, if I cared about it. Sometimes I do, of course, especially when I feel lonely and unadulated, but mostly I just like to talk to interesting people and read what they have to say back. I've learned a lot that way.

What I have not learned is where to go with my writing or the rest of my life. But perhaps a messy life and messy writing is what I'm supposed to do? Perhaps it's what we are all meant to do?