Monday, August 09, 2004

Real Rich People Figure Out How To Dodge Taxes

Wow! New political science has been made! A totally new theory of taxation has been created! We are talking about something that will spin this world off its orbit, and things will never be the same again.

Here is our president George Bush on his campaign trail:

US President George W. Bush today said there was no point in taxing the rich because they just dodged their tax bill anyway.

"Real rich people figure out how to dodge taxes," he said during a campaign stop in suburban Washington.
Mr Bush's rival in the November 2 election, Democratic Senator John Kerry, has pledged to scrap the president's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans in a bid to rein in the record US budget deficit.
Mr Bush said: "You've got to be careful about this rhetoric, we're only going to tax the rich. You know who the - the rich in America happen to be the small business owners."

So there's no point in taxing the rich because the rich are not just richer than the rest of us, they're also smarter. That leaves no rich people to be taxed, just small business owners. All is now clear and I can die in peace.

Thanks to backslider for the link.