Thursday, August 12, 2004

If You Are Fed Up With Me...

Which of course you aren't. But it's always good to graze widely to keep the mental constitution at its best. Here are some suggestions for weekend outings.

First, if you can never get enough feminist ideas and stories, check Mouse Words where Amanda kicks butt most admirably, or the new blog XX by four smart women. I assume you already read, a feminist blog by young women, Alas a Blog, the venerable granddaddy of all feminist blogs and the feministe which offers you everything from pure theory to knitting recipes.
And it's very important to see what Christine has to say about the popular culture and women in ms. musings. She rocks. (There are so many new good blogs with feminist contents that I will have to do a second post in the near future, assuming that my greedy and jealous nature will allow this. Maybe not...)

Within the Liberal Coalition, Trish Wilson has an excellent article on the way the mainstream media accuses feminists whatever we might do or not do, and how these accusations could care less about facts or evidence or other boring stuff like that. Read it to be informed.

Second, if you need your artistic education improved, sample some of these good critiques of various arts forms, all by Liberal Coalition bloggers (we're more than just political mouthpieces!): Invisible library has an interesting discussion on the Left Behind series (whence the current obsessions amongst fundamentalists about the possibility of impending Rapture). A nearby post stresses the benefits of idleness. Speedkill reviews the new documentary about the Fox News, Outfoxed. Read this, especially if you can't see the movie itself. Upyernoz ( love that handle) reviews the Manchurian Candidate, Elayne Riggs talks about what it's like to listen to Air America, the new liberal radio, iddybud reviews the book Bush on the Couch (scary stuff) and gamer's nook gives a concert review of which I understood nothing which shows that it's good (I've got van Gogh's ear for music). Rivka has a great review of a book on security concerns, useful reading during these terra times. Finally, Lefty picks eleven books that libraries should have about comics. I want to read them right away, but then I'd like to look for some that might be written by women, too.

Third, you could just relax and read some interesting, good and funny stuff. Bloggg on manners and etiquette is funny and so is clonecone when he 'thanks the media'. WTF Is It Now? has great pictures of Bush, and Steven Bates has written an enjoyable meditation on inspiration and other stuff that only he can make belong.

Fourth, and finally, the Coalition members still blog politics, too. You could transition gently by finding out about all the WMDs in the US that Natalie has unearthed for us or by reading norbizness's suggestions on how Bushites could tighten security at the campaign stops even more. Charles on the fulcrum reminds us that class warfare is real and mercuryx23 tells us whether celebrities' political views should matter. Scout has a good piece on the hatred of the United Nations here in the U.S., and Mustang Bobby talks about Ron Reagan's politics. Both farmer on the Corrente and David on blogAmy discuss Alan Keyes, the Republican in the Obama-Keyes Senate race. Amy on blogAmy also gives a good set of links on which to click to help someone or something almost effortlessly. Michael gives a good assessment of the appointment of Porter Goss (what a name!) to run the CIA. John on archy reminds us of the sad fact that the point of one thousand dead Americans in Iraq will soon be reached, and discusses what this might mean in the U.S. politics. Steven Gilliard has a superb article about the advisability (or rather not) of taking on the Shia the way our current administration has decided to do.