Friday, June 21, 2013

Speed-Blogging, June 21, 2013: On Wisconsin Unemployment, Defending the One Percent and James Taranto's Response

1. Wisconsin isn't doing that hot in job creation.  Governor Scott Walker has tried everything he can think of:  stripping workers' rights, courting corporations, focusing on getting more guns out there and so on.  But, alas and alack, nothing works. 

2.  I wrote about Greg Mankiw defending the 1% (the richest of us all) at Eschaton.  If you like to spend a lovely afternoon wading through economic arguments,  that post has extra links.

3.  James Taranto is very unhappy with the response his "war on men" article seems to have received on Twitter and on some blogs.  "Lynch mob," he calls that reception, and argues that it proves his initial argument about a war on men right.  Except that there could be a "war" on James Taranto, not on all men?  Just pointing that out.  My take on his original piece is here.

4.  I went to the dentist to get my fangs sharpened.  No cavities, because of that healthy diet of chocolate mice.