Monday, June 17, 2013

Speed-Blogging, 6/17/2013: On Us Involvement in Syria, Scott Adams, the Pope and The Need for American Teenage Girls to Cover Up

Let me know if you find these annoying.  I'm trying to use up all the baby thoughts I get while scouring the net for things to write about.

First,  this NYT article speculates about what made Obama decide to support the rebels in Syria.  My personal opinion is that nothing good can come from supporting either side in that war,  sadly, because the war is no longer about democracy but about religious differences and because the odds are pretty high that the winners will be either tyrants or extreme Islamists.  I think UN troops to create peace might work, but that's not feasible either.

Second,  this Bloomberg article talks about the ways firms get to swap data with the government.  No comment on that, my NSA readers!

Third,  liberals love pope Francis, we are told.  I'm holding my fervent love at bay to see what he says about us uterine people and about gay and lesbian people and so on.  It's great that he is concerned about poverty.  But poverty interacts with gender in various ways, and to be truly concerned about the lot of poor women would mean that they be allowed to have contraceptives.

Fourth, Scott Adams (remember him?) now thinks he got fired in the 1990s for possessing a scrotum.

Fifth,  this piece talks about the experiences of a fifteen-year-old girl who  tells us that she was told to cover up by a TSA officer at LAX.