Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's OK To Be Ridiculous About Women's Reproductive Rights

We know that this is the case, given all those Republican politicians who want to do away with the rape exemption to whatever narrowly defined rights to abortion some people might be allowed to have by stating that women really can't get pregnant from rape.  Other forced-birthers, such as Lila Rose, argue that a pregnancy can never kill a woman, either, so there's really no need to allow abortions evah!

Now Rheality Check tells us that Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) knows (just knows) that boy fetuses pleasure themselves as early as at fifteen weeks of age.  Which means that all those medical authorities who believe that fetuses can't feel pain until much later are wrong.

If they can feel pleasure, surely they can feel pain!  Mr. Burgess has watched sonograms!  And he has concluded that the fetal movements are purposeful and of the type he can relate to.

That was mean of me.  But all these people, going on about how women really can't get pregnant from rape and how pregnancies really cannot kill women, ever, they get me where it hurts: Where I see women, human beings, they see fetal aquaria.

This bill is an attempt to challenge Roe v. Wade, naturally, by essentially making all abortions after the twentieth week illegal.  Given that background, it's important to point out that the proposed bill, HR 1797, has no exemptions for the woman's health, only for her life, and mental illness (being suicidal, say) is no excuse at all!  That's because the sluts would use that as a pretense so that they can kill their unborn babies.

But in reality it is later in the pregnancy that severe health complications and other pregnancy risks appear.  And those are the cases in which the forced-birthers want  abortion to become illegal first.