Thursday, March 22, 2012

This is Lovely. Activism Works in Idaho!

Remember the Idaho Republican Senator Chuck Winder who compared pregnant women to cows and chickens and used his veterinary knowledge to inform people about abortions for rape victims*? He got lots of publicity for his views!

And what happened next? Winder revealed even more about himself:
Despite ultrasound theater and overwhelming senate support, a mandatory ultrasound bill that would have forced women seeking abortion to pay out-of-pocket for an additional and unnecessary medical expense, while also trying to trick them into visiting crisis pregnancy centers, may not even make it to the House floor for a vote.
The bill became a political hand-grenade after bill sponsor Sen. Chuck Winder admitted that his sole reason for introducing it was to stop women from having abortions by whatever means necessary. Criticism of Winder began to escalate as he used his closing remarks during the senate vote to claim women with "rape issues" might lie to get abortions.
Facing national outrage, Winder then explained that he was merely trying to advocate for a "rape test" to ensure a woman who claimed she was rape was sure she was raped, and wasn't "accidentally terminating" a pregnancy resulting from consensual sex instead.

Do read the whole linked post. It's very giggleworthy.

It also shows that activism works. When lots of women get very angry and demonstrate their anger, politicians decide not to push a particular bill through. At least right now.
*I confused him there with the Georgia legislator Terry England. My apologies to both these gentlemen. It was Mr. England who ranted about cows and chickens. Mr. Winder just ranted about pretend-rapes in abortions.

Thanks to Kierra in the comments for setting me right.