Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun in Pro-Choice Politics

The Facebook pages of forced-birther politicians still get questions asking for advice on menstrual problems and such, what with those guys' great desire to provide women with useful reproductive information. Texas governor Rick Perry is the most recent oracle women approach with their questions.

And this is a really fun idea: Knit a uterus and send it to a politician who wants to control uteri but doesn't happen to own one himself! Not sure what to send to those forced birth politicians who already have a uterus.

But expanding on that idea: You can also crochet, and patterns are provided. But why not embroider or quilt? Realistic-looking embryos could be embroidered on the surface of the womb or if it is made like a pocket the embryo could be the happy find an inquiring finger locates there! You could do a menstruating uterus, too, by using fabric paints and such.

And what about a gigantic sleeping pouch, in the shape of the uterus? The whole Congress-critter could fit inside it and finally we would have peace.