Monday, March 19, 2012

Housekeeping Post

About this blog, not about the Snakepit Inc. It has a few problems.

You may have already noticed that the only thing I like to do is think and write. To decide what to do about all this makes me grit my fangs and pretend that the problems aren't there.

But they are:

First, Blogger is doing weird stuff which make the comments on this blog (and other blogs which use blogspot) not appear for those of you who read it from outside the US. The fix, kindly provided by Shakesville, and passed on by a Guest here, can be found in this post.

Second, several of you have had comments problems even without that extra complication. After some discussions, I have found that Echo (for which I pay about fifteen dollars each month) is not supported anymore! So we appear to be on our own with any problems that will crop up. And there will be more of them as time passes, naturally.

Third, there is the old problem with links to my archives. When Blogger changed the system of archiving and forced me to change the archives to weekly ones all the old links elsewhere to this blog are only approximately right because they are to the monthly archives. It's possible to find the correct link because it is somewhere near that overall link to the month. But I have found no way to fix that link problem.

The possible solutions to the more recent problems:
1. To migrate the blog out. I don't want to do it for the reason Melissa mentions in the post above.
2. To stay with blogspot, even given the hassle, and to get a new commenting system. The problem here is how to retain the old comments for the readers. I can archive them myself but I want them to be available more generally.
3. Duh. To continue procrastination the way I usually do.

My apologies for the hassles.