Sunday, August 07, 2011

Echidne Goes On Vacation

This is not me having a refreshing bath in a natural environment, yet. But soon!

I will be on vacation from August 7th to August 28th. Suzie, res ipsa and skylanda will be blogging during that time (but only as much as they can or feel like), and they may be joined by two other equally wonderful bloggers: Watertiger and Molly Ivors.

My sincere thanks to all my wonderful co-bloggers.

I have also pre-posted re-posts (!!!) and written a couple of brand new posts so that there is something useful or fun to read every day. That's how anal I am. Or how divine. You choose.

Anna's guest series on the literary canon of women writers will also take a three-week vacation. It will resume when I'm back at the Snakepit Inc.

Enjoy the summer, the nature and all that is good about life.