Wednesday, August 10, 2011

That Newsweek Cover (by res ipsa)

So, sexist or not-sexist? What about the headline? And before I forget, what about the great migraine controversy raised by Tim Pawlenty? Does it matter that migranes are three times as common in women than in men? Finally, with regard to whining that only conservative women get treated this way, I call bullshit.

Earth to Tina Brown: the cover is online, so "buzz" will not translate to sales; outtakes or no outtakes, there are plenty of photos out there of Bachmann looking like a completely normal person; and Bret Easton Ellis is not a new writer; but I digress...) More importantly, anyone not in a desperate panic for relevance twenty years after their heyday knows that there are easier, less controversial ways to knock Michele Bachmann out of the race.* For example, you could start with this McCarthyite horseshit from 2008:

*Leaving aside the question of why you would want to do so, when she's clearly a weaker opponent at this point than, say, Mitt Romney, with whom the Obama seems to share a lot of policy prescriptions, but that's another post.