Saturday, August 06, 2011

Today's Lesson on How To Get Published: Crap on Your Fellow Women

Fellowette women? "Sisters" wouldn't work there because the women who practice the gentle art of misogyny don't want to be sisters with other women. They are, after all, male-identified. Honorary men or the One Good Woman. Invisible testicles. That sort of thing.

What caused this genteel outburst is a post by one Penelope Trunk on the inadvisability of having any gender diversity in start-ups.

Her post is aimed at men only, and advises them to avoid asking women (such as herself, expert at tears and temper tantrums, I guess) to work in start-ups. Much better to keep them all male. Indeed, she fired herself to guarantee those smooth operations.

This is Trunk's shtick, and it sells. Now imagine someone practicing the same approach but based on race or ethnicity! Such a person wouldn't have a column for very long.

In any case, if we take Trunk's arguments seriously we should have only single-sex marriages. If men and women indeed react so differently and work so poorly together, how on earth could they actually share a life?

The whole post is silly. Different individuals are...surprise!...different. It's not the case that all men are exactly the same with each other, or that all women are exactly the same with each other. That Trunk finds herself difficult to cope with is no excuse for generalizing that to all people. Or advocating blatant gender discrimination in start-ups.