Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Spying on the UN (by Suzie)

How many of you think Hillary Clinton ordered U.S. diplomats to spy on their colleagues in the United Nations? She must have done so -- an Internet search turns up many hits blasting her for this, as well as some sexist videos. The accusation stems from the leak of diplomatic cables, and Julian Assange called for her resignation.

Back in November, Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic explained how thousands of cables go out each year under the name of the Secretary of State, and the person holding that position can't read them all. This one came from the CIA. The Guardian called it an annual "intelligence shopping list." Former diplomats say diplomats generally ignore this wish list, the LA Times reported.

As I commented on Echidne's post Monday about the lack of women editing Wikipedia, I often use it. Today, I found the entry confusing, but I did snag my sources from it. I corrected the link to the LA Times story, and that bit of editing took less time than tracking down the correct link. It reminded me how easy Wikipedia can be to edit, at least for smaller tasks, and I hope other women will learn the basics so that they can correct stuff when they have the time.

In another matter related to Hillary, I just came upon this piece by Madeleine Bunting in the Guardian:
She is the most powerful politician to advance an explicitly feminist agenda. ... From the start Clinton left no one in any doubt where she stood: women's rights are "the signature issue" of this administration's foreign policy, she said. She mentioned women 450 times in speeches in the first five months in office. "Transformation of the role of women is the last great impediment to universal progress," she declared, and began to develop what is her standard line: women's issues are integral to the achievement of every goal of US foreign policy.
That means something in the world of men.