Wednesday, February 02, 2011

And More on Pimps and Planned Parenthood.

I quote from the Nation:
The problem is that, while you might want to laugh off Rose and her fake pimp as just a couple of creepy video pranksters, this latest stunt is prompting a conservative pile-on that could have serious legislative impact. If wackos are leading the charge, unfortunately, some of them of them have seats in Congress.
Rep. Michele Bachmann linked to the Live Action video on her Facebook page on Tuesday, noting that “I am introducing a bill that would prohibit Planned Parenthood from receiving any future federal money directly or indirectly...You must see this undercover video. This is horrifying!"
She’s not being abstract. Her colleague, Rep. Mike Pence, recently introduced legislation that would deny federal dollars to Planned Parenthood and other organizations that receive family funds and also provide abortion. The Pence bill, which has 154 sponsors, has seen no action since it was introduced almost a month ago. But, yesterday, after the Live Action video came out, an anti-choice coalition launched a website pushing it forward. The release of the video has prompted Pence to call for immediate action [3] on the bill. And now sources say it looks as though the amendment may be brought to a vote within the next two weeks.
You would think that the political action would be all about how to stop sex trafficking! After all, that's what the video is supposedly about: sex trafficking and pimping. Well, an alien from outer space (Hi, Al!) would think so.

We know better. This is not about sex trafficking. It is about actual access to abortion and also about cheap access to contraceptives and gyno check-ups. Ultimately it is about who controls fertility. Honest.