Wednesday, February 02, 2011

PETA And the Pimps

I couldn't avoid that title after writing about the Planned Parenthood case below. Because that's what PETA often does in its ads: Pimps women's bodies.

It's such an odd combination! On the one hand PETA wants to liberate all other animals, but on the other hand they are perfectly fine with the objectification of women if that serves their goal. I've been trying to understand what kind of an ethical set of values leads them to do that. Would they be perfectly fine if only bitches were mistreated in laboratories as long as male dogs were let go?

If you think I have lost my marbles there, well, you are not alone. But PETA's message is really the reverse of that one: Do what you will to human females as long as the rest of animal kingdom (queendom?) is saved.

And no, adding one guy in boring underwear does not make the objectification equal. Or put in another way, the outtakes are about women pleasuring vegetables, not about men pleasuring vegetables. They take off from the view that women are the workers in the sex market and then use that as a joke. If I don't get the joke I'm a humorless feminazi.

Well, I do get the joke. It would just be a lot better if it was men kissing those melon breasts and putting peas in their belly buttons. That would be more hilarious because it would be a double-reversal!