Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Note About My Sex Science Series

When I have finished it I will provide a post with links to all the posts in one place. My apologies for not doing that consistently.

The reason for the omissions is that I can't link to the ones that haven't been posted yet and also that the three posts this week (one to come tomorrow) were written last Sunday (all together and hence clumsy, sorry) and pre-posted when I thought I had to be on the road this whole week.

Here is the series so far:


On Ballerinas And Football Players: The Failure of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Looking For Sex Differences. The Complications

Studying The Sex Differences In Science: A Story

Three-dimensional Mental Rotation

The Greater Male Variability Hypothesis

There will be at least two more posts in the series. Note, also, that the posts are not presented as some logical series. They are based on my first ideas after reading three books.