Friday, January 14, 2011

Has Feminism Gone Too Far in Sweden????

The headline of an MSNBC blog post about Assange and all that crap. The actual post doesn't give a reason for an affirmative nod-of-the-head as an answer to that question, because the headline is meant to give one clicks, not to actually relate much to the post itself, and because the only part of the post which argues that feminism has gone too far is statements by an MRA guy in Sweden.

Don't read the comments. I didn't, this time, and so I might not have a migraine tonight!

But how astonishing that I just recently discussed the sermons of one Catherine Hakim here! She argues elsewhere that the Nordic countries have completely failed in their attempts to make the societies more gender-equal. We can have that and we can have this MSNBC post, too! It works both ways.

Nobody beats Suzie's post on this particular topic, and you should read it again, just to set your head back straight about this world in which, somehow, feminism can go too far, but no amount of patriarchy appears to be too far.