Sunday, January 09, 2011

False Equivalence Is The Big Lie of the Day [Anthony McCarthy]

In wading through the mire of the Sunday morning talk shows, the "both sides do it" talking point is prevalent. Here is an extremely important time line of violence in recent years - including a large number of clearly political murders- from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Read it and save it, it's extremely important. The part that FOX news plays in it couldn't be clearer, nor could the part that the Supreme Court conservatives. That is something a number of us have been talking about since the ruling cited at the beginning of the list. It must be brought up at every possible opportunity.

The silence of the free press on this crime wave and their part in promoting it is a crime against democracy.

My thanks to Digby for linking to it and a commentator at Eschaton for drawing my attention to it.