Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your Favorite Toys And Games

So what were they? Why were they your favorites? How did you play with them or them?

These questions were provoked by the chimp studies naturally. If I'm going to make you answer, I should, too. The problem is that what I remember from my childhood with the greatest pleasure is not toys but books. The minute I figured out how to read I was pretty much gone for books and the wonderful worlds they contained.

I also remember playing ball with other children, various types of games played outside on sand in groups, and playing with my cousins, all boys. The latter games were playing cowboys and Indians (my sincere apologies, I didn't know better), war and police and robbers. Also Robin Hood. Once we robbed the kitchen garden of my aunt and ate all the baby carrots. That didn't go down well.

I liked those games. Does that mean that I'm a god in the gown of a goddess? I doubt that very much. We also played shop, which consisted of first walking in the ditch along the big road, picking up empty cigarette cartons and other packaging and then arranging them in a play store to sell. I also met my first used condom on those scavenging trips. And yes, we were told not to do that but it was fun.

My older sister and I also played house. The mother had the best role in the play and she was always the mother. I was the father and had to lie on her first. Then my brother was allowed to join as the child in the family. I'm pretty sure I didn't know why I had to lie on my sister first, at that time, but I'd do anything to be included.

There were toys, too. I think I even had a doll or two, but they didn't become socially important until the Barbie age when the games we played were mostly role playing, not baby minding.

Your turn