Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Consequences Of Selective Gender Science Popularizations

Comments translated from Helsingin Sanomat, a major Finnish newspaper which naturally published a chimps and sticks popularization. I picked this because I came upon it and also because when I stated that this thing was gonna go viral I wanted to be able to show you what it means:

The equality commission must order young male chimps to also carry a stick like a baby and at least to build it its own sleeping nest. That stick must also be chauffeured to ice-hockey training and ballet and it must be bought a pony.

One would think that people in 2010 know that boys are boys and girls are girls and that we are different in many ways. And equality is pure rubbish.

"isms" don't change biology to something else. Already as young ones we practice.

It's a fact that women's and men's brains FUNCTION differently. I don't mean that they were different (smiley). Examples: Men in general take things LITERALLY when women understand better if something is not said directly but, say, through teasing.

For women feelings are important. It's important how things feel. Men think with logic and women with emotions (People in general make their decisions based on emotions and then afterwards justify them with logic, but this is stronger in women)

To balance some of that out, I'd like to also offer a comment from that thread which disagrees. It's framed strongly:

If women truly for biological reasons existed only as aquaria for fetuses and after that as the servants of children, the world would be quite different.

If women naturally/by their nature were as proposed by the supporters of evolutionary biology, we wouldn't have an equality discussion, discussions about wage discrepancies, discussions about the problems of day-care. No. We would only have continously pregnant or breast-feeding women interested in only their babies. The labor market and all other squabbles would be left to the men. Women would take care of children and only allow sex when they'd want to get pregnant again.

Does that sound a bit extreme? But so do all those biology-is-destiny commentaries! We just don't spot it because a certain kind of extremism is so very common in our public discourse.

That is naturally helped by what is brought to that public discourse. Female chimpanzees making spears and killing? Nah. Female chimpanzees playing with dolls? You bet your ass.

See how the innateness discussion is distorted by that?

Why can't I let go of this topic? Because the sexist culture is so strong that innate differences don't even matter. Even if they were slight (as Lise Eliot argues in her book Pink Brain, Blue Brain) they are used as the vehicle for forcing people into narrow slots and even for misogyny.