Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'Notorious radical feminists' (by Suzie)

"Notorious radical feminist" -- I want that on a T-shirt.

Today, the Times of London quoted Julian Assange saying: “One of the women has written many articles on taking revenge against men for infidelity and is a notorious radical feminist.” He was talking about "Miss A," one of the two Swedish women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Dear Feminists for Free Speech and other feminist supporters: He uses "radical feminist" as a pejorative. He told the BBC:
I've never had a problem before with women. ... Women have been extremely helpful and generous and put up with me [not just in bed, but] in a sense of assisting me with my work, caring for me, loving me and so on. That is what I am used to.
The Swedish women "got into a tizzy about whether there was a possibility of sexually transmitted diseases." He says the women may have been "bamboozled" by the police into making accusations. He also suggests that Miss A wants money and revenge.

On her former blog, Miss A linked to an eHow article on revenge that's legal. (Just fyi: False allegations to the police are not legal.) This was before she met Assange. The article does mention cheating, but as an example. It also says it's better to forgive than take revenge, and not to take revenge disproportionate to the offense. Once again, Assange has manipulated the truth, a k a lying.

He has serious work to do, he says, and he's not going back to Sweden just to have "a chat" with prosecutors. He says Sweden is more of a banana republic than a civilized country.

He acknowledges that he had no evidence that the allegations were a “honeytrap.” He says he never claimed that, and the lawyer who did either misspoke or was misquoted. But his first public response to the accusations was that they were "dirty tricks," perhaps done by the Pentagon. Even if they were true, “there is nothing that any reasonable person would say is a rape."