Monday, June 14, 2010

Who Are You?

This video is the conservative talking point right now:

Fox News writes about it:

A North Carolina congressman is under fire after a video surfaced Monday showing him in a physical confrontation with a young man on a street in Washington.

Rep. Bob Etheridge, a Democrat, is seen in the amateur video grabbing the wrist and neck of the unidentified man after he approached him and asked if he supported the "Obama agenda."

It is difficult to know what might have been edited out of the video, of course, but it's never acceptable to grab someone like that. Etheridge lost it.

And now we are to draw conclusions about the Democrats based on what he did. I understand the political game. The intended conclusion is that the Democrats are horrible to poor conservative students. Well, that is the intended conclusion for Republicans.

But think of how something like this would have been used if the politician in that video was a woman. Think. It's worth it, because it tells you that I am missing one hell of a chance here to point out that the representative indeed is a man, and that perhaps we shouldn't have men anywhere in the public sector, what with their inability to restrain their innate biological tendency toward violent behavior.

Note that I don't write posts like that, based on some single anecdote! But the anti-feminists do exactly the comparable thing, all the time. Hillary Clinton is a monster because she is female. Her tears are a sign that women should not be in politics. She should remind you of your wife nagging you to take out the trash.

It is never-ending and we don't notice how one-sided it is because us feminists don't do the same thing.

And the reason we don't do the same thing is that we are not sexists. But damn if it doesn't handicap us.